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GRG Society Activities

  • The triennial GRn conferences are organized by the Society. For information on past meetings see the History link. The next, GR22, will be held in Valencia, Spain in July 2019. Those contemplating bidding to host the following meeting, in 2022, may find it useful to read the Advice for those considering bids.
  • Journals Two journals are published by Springer under the aegis of the Society: General Relativity and Gravitation and Living Reviews in Relativity.

    GRG Journal LIV.REV.REL.

  • The public 'Hyperspace' service is sponsored by the Society. It carries information for those in the field, distributed by email, WWW and FTP.
  • Policy issues. The Society acts as the voice of the GRG community in international science policy, through its role with IUPAP as an Affilated Commission. In particular it acts as the sponsor, within IUPAP, for the Marcel Grossmann and Edoardo Amaldi series of conferences, as well as its own meetings.
  • Prizes. The society has instituted a new, annual, prize, the IUPAP General Relativity and Gravitation Young Scientist Prize, offered for the first time in 2013. Nominations for the 2017 IUPAP GRG Prize are due 1 February 2017. At each GRn conference it makes a number of James B. Hartle Awards for student presentations. In 2010, it instituted the Jürgen Ehlers thesis prize for classical general relativity and the Bergmann-Wheeler thesis prize for quantum gravity. It assists the Gravity Research Foundation by publicizing its Gravity Research Essay Prizes, whose winning entries appear in the Society's journal, and assists GWIC by holding the funds for GWIC's thesis prize. The Society has coordinated the award of the triennial Xanthopoulos Prize for research in the field, funded by the Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH). Regretfully, the Xanthopoulos Prize was not awarded at GR20 and has been discontinued until further notice.
  • Fellowships. The International Society for General Relativity and Gravitation instituted Fellowships in 2010 to recognize its outstanding members. Details of the criteria and process may be found here. Fellow may be nominated in the year prior to a GRn meeting. Fellows are inducted during the ISGRG General Assembly held during the meeting.

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