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The Bergmann-Wheeler Thesis Prize

Professor Peter Bergmann

Prof. Peter Bergmann (left) & Prof. John Wheeler (right).

Classical and Quantum Gravity

In 2008, the Society instituted a Thesis Prize in memory of Professors Peter Bergmann (1915-2002) and John Wheeler (1911-2008).This prize is sponsored by {\it classical and Quantum Gravity}, published by the Institute of Physics, UK.

They were both pioneers of quantum gravity. With Paul Dirac, Professor Bergmann developed the theory of constrained systems and applied it to the gravitational field. With Albert Einstein, he developed unified field theory and introduced several ideas that have now fundamental to physics of extra dimensions. He was one of the founders of our Society and served as its third President. Professor Wheeler made seminal contributions to nuclear physics and was key to the development of several key ideas in the foundations of quantum mechanics and black hole physics. With Bryce DeWitt, he developed canonical quantum gravity and paved the way to quantum cosmology. The first Albert Einstein prize of the American Physical Society was awarded jointly to Professors Bergmann and Wheeler.

The first Bergmann-Wheeler prize was awarded at GR19 in Mexico City for the best Ph.D. thesis in the broad area encompassing all approaches to quantum gravity. The recipient received a cheque for US $ 1500 and a certificate. The next prize will be awarded at GR21 in New York.

The governance can be found here.

Bergmann-Wheeler Prize Recipients

2010, Victor Taveras, Thesis institution: Pennsylvania State University

2013, Aron C. Wall, Thesis institution: University of Maryland

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