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The Hartle Awards

These awards are made possible through generosity of Professor James B. Hartle of the University of California at Santa Barbara. They recognize the best student presentations at the triennial GR conferences. The recipients are nominated by the workshop chairs and the awards are decided by the Society's Executive. The award consists of a small cash prize, and free membership of the Society until the next conference.

The awards are made in the following way:
i) Each parallel session Chair will be requested to make (at most) one nomination for the best student talk in that session, based on a dual criterion: the scientific quality of research and the quality of presentation.
ii) Each prize will carry at least a 3 year membership to the GRG Society and an award of at least US $ 50.
iii) Eligible candidates should be students who have not submitted their Ph.D. thesis before January 1st of the year in which the conference is held.
iv) In the case when the number of candidates recommended by the session Chairs exceeds the number of prizes available, the Executive Committee of the Society will make a selection ensuring a fair distribution among various sub-fields.

In case of problems, contact: