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Fellowships and Prizes

The Fellowship Program

The Society elects Fellows from among leading scientists in its membership. The list of fellows may be found here. The next link provides the rules for the governance of Fellowships. Nominations for fellows to be inducted in 2019 will open in 2018. Information on eligibility, selection criteria, and how to prepare a nomination may be found here. When completed, nominations should be sent (electronically if at all possible) to the chair of the selection committee (to be announced when nominations open).


The Society awards a number of prizes, and also administers the funds for the GWIC thesis prize.

  • The IUPAP General Relativity and Gravitation Young Scientist Prize, offered for the first time in 2013, honors an outstanding young researcher in any area of our field The deadline for nominations for the 2017 prize is 1 February 2017 with the prize to be announced on 14 March 2017 and officially presented at GR22. The Ashtekar Travel Awards will provide partial support to allow prize recipients to attend the next GRn meeting.
  • The Xanthopoulos Prize for outstanding (preferably theoretical) contributions to gravitational physics. Regretfully, this prize will not be awarded until further notice.
  • The Jürgen Ehlers Thesis Prize for an outstanding Ph.D. thesis in mathematical and numerical relativity. Following a new policy, nominations for the 2019 prize are now open.
  • The Bergmann-Wheeler Thesis Prize for a outstanding Ph.D. thesis in the broad area of quantum gravity. Following a new policy, nominations for the 2019 prize are now open.
  • The GWIC thesis prize for an outstanding Ph.D. thesis based on research in gravitational waves. (An award of GWIC, not the Society.)
  • S. Chandrasekhar Post-Doctoral Awards for post-doc presentations at the GR conferences
  • The Hartle Awards for student presentations at the GR conferences.

In case of problems, contact: